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Warrior Labs Viking

Servings per container: 90

serving size: 1 Capsule


Product facts

Viking is another sibling from the family of products by Warrior Labz. Our scientists love to connect the best ones, which can be found in the market. The result of several-years testing and development is the product Viking, which is the most popular pro-hormonal product in the USA. Why is it so? The answer is very simple.  

It is extremely strong!

The strength is provided by a combination of four main ingredients:

If you know something about the issue of pro-hormones, you probably know that these ingredients are strong even individually. However, if you have in hands their combination, their effects are much more significant. Thank to the product Viking, you can expect the gain on average 4 - 11 kg after the first cycle of consummation, which should not exceed the period of one month. Muscle gains will be extremely dry, and high-quality, without any unnecessary water retention. It is a perfect product to the period of pre-competition diet, when you need to form your muscles, but also to protect your musculature. Viking has those qualities!

Thank to consummation of particular ingredients is Viking very mild to your organism and you do not have to be afraid of any negative spillover effects. Experience it on yourself, how it is to gain muscles right in front of your eyes!