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Warrior Labs Super Epitren 6

Servings per container: 90

serving size: 1 Capsule


Product facts

TREN6 is the improved version of the product TREN V. It consists of three pro-hormones:

By its effects, it belongs to the top in the list of American bodybuilders’ popularity. Thanks to ingredients, which do not bind water, the TREN6 is suitable also in the pre-competition period, when bodybuilder wants to increase the definition of muscles, their hardness and also to preserve their volumes. The key element for success of professional bodybuilders is a suitable supplementation and application of anabolic steroids before the competition. So, their muscles look like rocks – they are ample and extremely hard. If you do not want to risk any health problems, which could cause steroids, TREN6 is here for you. It is your helper. You can consume it, and you will be afraid of only one thing – extreme growth of your muscles and strength.

TREN6 is specially developed formula, which does not aromatize, thanks to which your body will not retain any unnecessary water and you will not look like so swollen.