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Warrior Labs Myobol

Servings per container: 30

serving size: 3 Capsules

YK-11Grean Tea P.E. 95% Creatine Magnesium chelate Sodium ascorbateVitamin D3

Product facts


Extremely efficient product created using the finest ingredients ensures unlimited muscle growth! There are no limits to MYOBOL.

Myostatin and the searching for a means of its effectively blocking has been a very controversial topic for years. If we want to get closer to this topic, we need to get closer to what myostatin is.


In the past also known as growth differentiation factor 8, is a growth factor that limits muscle tissue growth. It belongs to the TGF Beta-1 group. Its gene is MSTN and is located on human chromosome 2. If the levels of this protein high, the body has a reduced ability to form muscle. On the other side, if the body can block myostatin, a person has more muscle mass. Just for interest, the myostatin concentration in cardiac failure is very high.

MYOBOL SARM COMBO XXL is a product that is absolutely unique. Its properties and effects do not have to be part of the nice marketing bubbles. This product does not need advertising, because people can learn about what is effective and high-quality with no help.

An expert team of doctors, nutrition experts and active athletes from several types of weight sports have created this unique formula that will help your muscles grow in front of your eyes in record time.

What are ingredients in MYOBOL SARM COMBO XXL?

The product's strength lies in up to 8 ingredients and the most important is YK 11, which makes the product completely different from the competition. What is YK 11?

YK11 is classified into the SARM category, meaning selective androgen receptor modulators. These are substances that bind selectively to receptors, so their strength is comparable to the effects of anabolic steroids, but because of their selectivity, their side effects are at least risky or none.

They are currently the bestseller in the nutritional supplements market.

YK11 is considered as the strongest SARM. Its unbeatable ability is that it acts as a myostatin inhibitor. Therefore, the main ability is to block this protein, which will ensure a large increase in muscle mass.

Green tea extract (95%) – Green tea and its positive properties for human health have been known for centuries. It has strong antioxidant ability. According to scientific studies, its antioxidant capacity is 25-100 times higher than in vitamin C or E. It contains caffeine, which greatly helps to improve sports exercise. The very significant ability is its "purity". For example, caffeine in energy beverages or energy bars is often accompanied by preservatives or unpopular "èèques", while green tea caffeine is sufficiently effective and does not require additional admixtures.

Creatine Magnesium Chelate – is a "modern" creatine that is relatively on the market for a short time. Creatine is the most popular supplement in the world. Since its presence on the market, it has gone a long way, and in addition to the form of monohydrate, there are several forms. Creatine Magnesium Chelate is enriched with magnesium. Successfully helps to increase muscle strength and energy, provides muscle growth in a relatively short time and accelerates regeneration by shortening the time required for muscle regeneration.

Sodium ascorbate (Vitamin C) – is one of the basic vitamins that should be consumed by every athlete, as well as an active person. Vitamin C improves the function of the immune system and reduces regeneration between trainings. It is important for the proper functioning of connective tissue. Vitamin C belongs to antioxidants as well as green tea. The body is better able to handle oxidative damage due to vitamin C.

Oxidative damage – is the negative state of the organism that is caused by free radicals. Free radicals have a negative impact on the aging process, cancer, and heart disease.

Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D3 must be transformed into a biologically active form, calcitriol, to function effectively in our body.

Calcitriol flows through the circulatory system and leads to the target cell, bones and growth cartilage are its typical target. It also affects other systems - the immune system, the skin, the pancreas, the transversally striped and the smooth muscles due to the vitamin D3 receptors that are present in almost all body cells.

Vitamin A – Unfortunately, vitamin A is often overlooked in contrast to vitamin "superstars" such as vitamin C, D or E, but vitamin A is an extremely important vitamin for bodybuilders and weight athletes. Provides regeneration and growth of body tissues and has a significant ability to develop the reproductive system. Intense physical strain and low-fat diet have a negative effect on vitamin A absorption. Vitamin A helps to regulate the immune system through lymphocytes.

Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) – Belongs to the category of vitamins called B-complex. It is a vitamin that is soluble in water and occurs in nature in two forms:

Vitamin B5 has indispensable tasks in the human body. It has a positive effect on fertility, prolongs age and participates in antibody production. It greatly accelerates tissue regeneration, whether after training, surgery or burns. It is irreplaceable in metabolism. It is important for the effect of the number of enzymes that work together on carbohydrate and sugar metabolism, glucocorticoid production and sex hormones.

HMB (Abbreviation for β-hydroxy P-methyl butyrate) – HMB is an amino acid metabolite of leucine that is extremely effective against muscle protein degradation. It is a strong anti-catabolic and anabolic product in bodybuilding supplementation. It is indispensable especially during diets and pre-competitive bodybuilders' preparations.

Finally, we can state that MYOBOL SARM COMBO XXL consists of substances that do not have a negative effect on human health if you do not exceed the recommended daily dosage and adhere to the right diet. After the cycle, there is no need for PCT and you do not have to worry about any health problems. Try the synergy of MYOBOL today!

Nutritional information

Size of one dose: 3 capsules

Number of doses in a package: 30

Amounts in a dose %DV
YK-11 3 mg +
Green Tea P.E. 95% 397 mg +
Creatine Magnesium chelate 400 mg +
Sodium ascorbate 100 mg +
Vitamin D3 0,05 mg +
Vitamin A 0,35 mg +
Pantothenic Acid 20 mg +
HMB 280 mg +
+ the daily amount is not stated
Other ingredients: magnesium stearate