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Warrior Labs Ligabol

Servings per container: 30

serving size: 3 Capsules

LGD-3033BoronMagnesiumNettle rootVitamin D3

Product facts

It is formed by one of the strongest SARM - LGD-3033. Thanks to it and the next 6 ingredients, you will build the most impressive muscle mass in an extremely quick time.

You also know that steroids can build massive muscle mass, but they have so many undesirable effects that they absolutely outweigh their benefits. Many bodybuilders are looking for SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) to help them move forward.

LGD-3033 – is a very powerful SARM that will help you to fill your potential. It is a non-steroidal, oral SARM that binds to AR and produces similar results as anabolic steroids. The LGD-3033 is the most powerful SARM in terms of size that can be obtained.

Thanks to its selectivity (acting on the muscles and skeleton), this product is suitable for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases related to the loss of muscle mass due to age or cancer. It is much safer than testosterone.

LGD-3033 shows anabolic activity in bones and muscles without a negative effect on the prostate, sebaceous glands as it is with steroids.

Benefits of using LGD-3033:

Boron – is a rare mineral and is often spoken about as a remnant of the "big bang". It is about 0.001% in the Earth's crust. Boron is not only a rare earth dust, but also a very important macro-nutrient. Unfortunately, boron is not included in the list of "essential vitamins and minerals for humanity" and there is neither a minimum requirement for this mineral.

Most sports people do not know that boron is a natural testosterone booster. The "unpopular" element is much more effective in increasing testosterone levels than commercially marketed testosterone boosters.

The team of scientists tested 8 men who took 10 mg of boron each morning for 7 days. After the week, it was found that:

Magnesium - is irreplaceable for almost all the processes that are going on in the human body. The most important is the creation of energy. It is necessary for any movement and exercise. Energy is consumed several times more in the sport, so it is also necessary to supplement the magnesium externally.

Magnesium also acts relaxing on the muscles and helps prevent the cramps of thighs and calves that may occur. It is the second most favoured mineral in the cells. Keeps the cells healthy and slows down their death. It participates in the transport of sugars to cells and improves the use of oxygen in them.

Nettle root – is often used to treat anaemia, prostate problems and various infections. The extract of nettle positively affects levels of testosterone in the body. Tea from leaves supports the action of gallbladder and pancreas and prevents gastric ulceration. Nettle also reduces blood glucose levels and speeds up metabolism. It has strong detoxifying effects.

Vitamin D3 – an important form of vitamin D, which is especially needed for the proper functioning of the immune system and for the formation of muscle cells. Its main source is sunlight, but most of the population is struggling with its deficiency, so its usage is needed in the form of nutritional supplements.

Long Jack or also Eurycoma longifolia is a very bitter extract of a tree with medicinal effects. It has been used as an aphrodisiac in traditional folk medicine for centuries and is also used today. It naturally increases testosterone levels, which is also very useful for strength athletes and bodybuilders. Its common occurrence is in Indonesia and Malaysia and in some parts of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

The positive impact of the increase in testosterone levels is caused by the presence of bitter substances called quassinoids. Long Jack contains 10 of them and was first discovered in 2009. Testosterone is important for increasing muscle mass, strength and for the balance of fat in the human body. Unlike exogenous testosterone, you do not have to worry about undesirable side effects.

Zinc – it also belongs to one of the most numerous minerals in the human body. It has a beneficial effect on the immune system, accelerates wound healing and improves sexual function. Typical symptoms of zinc deficiency are white spots on the nails.

Nutritional information

Size of one dose: 3 capsules

Number of doses in one package: 30

Amount in one dose %DV
LGD - 3033 5 mg +
Boron 5 mg +
Magnesium 300 mg +
Nettle root 140 mg +
Vitamin D3 50 mcg +
Long Jack 1:200 extract 140 mg +
Zinc 10 mg +
+ the daily intake is not stated
Other ingredients: magnesium stearate