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Warrior Labs BCAA + EAA Transport system

Servings per container: 60

serving size: 5 Tablets

BCAA instant 2:1:1EAA Amino Matrix Blend

Product facts

There is a certain order in dietary supplements that demonstrates the importance, respectively the need of the human body to receive these substances. In a narrow list of these substances are included BCAAs. Branched chain amino acids (valine, leucine and isoleucine) with extremely useful abilities for people, who want to gain muscles and reduce fat. This miraculous ingredient is the main ingredient of a new product BCAA + EAA Transport System that was created with the aim to satisfy the most demanding ones.

Ideal for:

BCAAs, the best for your muscles

Even though BCAAs were pushed into the background in the past and were not so popular, today’s situation is absolutely different. There are several significant research findings behind the renaissance of these substances. You surely know that BCAAs will be appreciated if your goal is to gain muscle mass, but their priceless properties will help you mainly during the period of subcutaneous fat reduction, in pre-contest preparations, thus during periods of caloric deficit.

Benefits of BCAAs:

Increasing protein synthesis: BCAAs (valine, leucine and isoleucine) stimulate muscle protein synthesis. This is the metabolic process, where the body produces a new muscle proteins.

Reducing the breakdown of proteins: increased BCAA levels act in your favor by reducing the rate of the breakdown of proteins. They do this by reducing the activity of protein destruction path and also reducing the expression of several complexes involved in protein disorder.

Ratio 2:1:1...

10:1:1, 5:1:1, these are the ratios (leucine, valine, isoleucine) of the individual amino acids represented in the BCAA products by various nutritional supplement producers, which built their marketing on unverified numbers and facts just for good listening about it. However, the latest scientific studies confirmed that the most efficient ratio of leucine to valine and isoleucine is 2:1:1. The most efficient for the growth of your muscles, their protection and regeneration.

BCAA + EAA Transport system

This is not an ordinary product that contains only BCAAs. As you are used to, we always try to bring you more. We also decided for the same approach when developing BCAA + EAA Transport system. In addition to BCAA dose, you will also receive up to 8 types of essential amino acids in each dose. The human body is not able to create them, therefore they need to be taken from diet. The problem of modern times is that the quality of foods is so miserable that they do not meet the parameters of balanced nutritional values. There are less vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables. The only way how to deal with this phenomenon is to take it from external sources.

Essential amino acids (EAAs) – and their need for the human body is very straightforward. To be said very simple, this means that you need to consume all amino acids (both essential and non-essential) so that the body is able to produce proteins. This need is particularly important if you want to build muscles. Each amino acid plays an important roles in the body and most of essential amino acids help the growth, nutrition and regeneration of muscles and tissues after exercise and in injuries.

When speed matters

Until now, nobody has been thinking about how to accelerate the BCAA transport to the bloodstream. The rate of absorption is mostly solved in association with protein concentrates or “pre-workouts”. Since BCAAs are in high position in our list of the most important substances, we have developed a special natural blend (composed of vitamins B, C, D, E, GLA, iron, potassium, calcium, copper, chromium and magnesium), which significantly accelerates the transport of BCAAs and amino acids in the product. This feature is particularly necessary in cases when the body is balancing on the edge of catabolism, i.e. during or after training. Thanks to this ingredient, which is part of each tablet, all building substances will be in their place in a few minutes. You do not have to worry about threating or losing your muscles.

Each tablet is composed of two ingredients that have different colors. Green tablet contains transport ingredient and white tablet contains amino acid layer. By combining them, you get extremely strong BCAAs with an accelerator of transport to the muscles. What else can you wish? We guarantee that you will not find anything similar anywhere. Give your muscles the best for their growth.

BCAA + EAA Transport system may be also used by women. It is intended for both vegans and vegetarians.

Take one dose (5 tablets) before, during or after training. Take it with sufficient amount of water. Maximum daily dose is 15 tablets.

Do not exceed daily dosage. As a dietary supplement only. Should not be used as a substitute for a diet. Not suitable for persons under the age of 18 years, pregnant and breastfeeding women. Store in dry and dark place. Keep out of reach of children and domestic animals.